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A cancer patient maniac nicknamed the designer remained at large and continues to invent new violent games in the movie "Saw III". This time maniac-sadist decided to teach Jeff, who lives with the sole purpose to take revenge on the man responsible for the death of his son, and teach Jeff see other important things in life, cherish it, and do not exist, as if the shadow is not noticing his daughter and wife. With the help of his assistant and Amanda soobshhnicy, Designer steals Dr. Lynn Denton, whose marriage is on the verge of collapse, and at work she did not try to help patients recover.

Lynn will save the designer's life as long as possible, until one of the prisoners has finished its game otherwise explosive device attached to his head and Lynn will break it into small pieces. So merciless, dying maniac has developed a very brutal and horrible game for their new prisoners. As before the game is going to survive.

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