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Crime Thriller "Inside Man" tells the story of a daring, brilliantly planned bank robbery in the heart of New York City in the middle of the workday. What genius robbery? -Think of each spectator. And that after a long standoff between police and robbers, dressed in costumes of painters, from the first, after the capture of all the people in the Bank, no suspects, no clues, no victims. The offence is absent completely, because each person hostage, learned in suspected comrade in misfortune, sitting nearby during a robbery. As the saying goes don't be caught-not a thief until the hand is not captured or witness does not recognize, and the offender is not.

As stated in one not clever saying: "Inside Man." As in any way for anyone, but for bank robbers it oh so relevant. During a robbery detective Fraser arrived at the scene, who negotiated with the robbers. He does not know the number of robbers, nor the number of hostages, but only listens to their conflicting demands and understands that the robbers pulled time. But for what? This question detective Frazier could not answer. The detective becomes understandable one, something in this robbery does not fit, a founder of the Bank is experiencing much, but not because of the money in the safe.

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