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Tommy's Honour

Morris family golf has become the meaning of life. The father initially had to be limited to duties like. Although he was in excellent physical shape, knew the finer nuances of the game, to speak alongside notable actors hindered social origin. At that time the Sport remained exclusively privilege of aristocrats. Man, able to give odds many eminent noblemen, aWare of this fact and had small. However, once the moment has come when he grew tired of the role of the person, only moving on to the field as an Assistant and regulating putter. He began to compete and even has had some success.

His own skills father managed to pass to his son. He much taught boy, but Warned that this passion is not for the poor. Guy persuading parents not liked. Being Greenpeace at first, like Vol SR., he carefully watched what is happening on the field. He studied the styles and techniques of competitors. Youthful enthusiasm added force. He ventured to speak and has shown excellent results. Rich from among golf fans remained dissatisfied with the success of the younger Morris. Even when That became world famous master envious aristocrats showed imaginary superiority at every opportunity. But the champion of this fact is absolutely not embarrassed. He reached the main goal.

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