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Eastern Promises

Anna-a resident of London, working midwife. On Christmas Eve she takes genera from a young Russian woman who dies. Anna now have the remain newborn baby and the diary of the deceased, of whom Anna learns the terrible story of her life. This story does not give rest to the heroine, and she decides to conduct its own investigation, which suggests her on the trail of the Russian mafia. Anna meets Nikolai, who reports that he is ready to provide all possible assistance and to understand the complicated History of Russian girls.

She doesn't know that actually Nicholas-the elusive killer in the service of the Russian mafia in London, and that the information contained in the diary of the deceased information compromises the boss Nicholas. Now Anna hopelessly mired in a dangerous History and attracted the attention of the Russian mafia, which prefers not to leave witnesses. Enchanting and brutal History of love and violence, lies and revenge, retribution and cheating interwoven in the quaint and frightening pattern.

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