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Bridge to Terabithia

Jesse Aaron lives in a small American town. His family owns a farm and poor enough, so Jess very often feels not at ease. Father poorly understood and supported the hobby of painting, so the only area in which Jess can succeed remains running. But hopes of Jessa's fame as the fastest runner of the class are broken down in the aforesaid:

Leslie Burke, the new student, overtakes him. Angered by their loss, Jesse tries to stay away from Leslie early, but over time they becoming friends. Leslie supports love Jess to draw, and he, in turn, had the pleasure of listening to made her story. Islleduja together with Leslie nearby forest, Jess is included in the game: he and his girlfriend opens the door in a fictional magical land Terabithia and become its King and Queen. But ahead of not only the days of games and entertainment, but also bitterness.

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