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Brions-thirteen-year-old girl with the talent of the writer and dreaming to become a real playwright. In the summer of 1935, she was the culprit for the personal Drama of two young people, and for years carried the burden of responsibility for his act. Being observant young lady, she sees a young Robby, the son of a maid, fascinated by her elder sister Brions -beautiful and independent Cecilia, and that it meets him reciprocate, although neither he nor she is not ready to admit it.

Accidentally captured letter Robbie to Cecilia, Brions makes incorrect conclusions, and when Lola, cousin sisters, becomes a victim of violence, the girl decides that she was attacked by Robbie. As a result of the unjust accusations Robbie goes to prison, and then, when World War II begins, is sent to the front and fights in the lands of Nazi-occupied France. Cecilia who chooses to wait for her lover becomes a nurse and works at the hospital, hoping that her life still comes happiness.

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