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You Don't Mess with the Zohan

Zohan Dvir is an Israeli commando and Mossad agent who decided to radically change her life. The fact of the matter is that once he entrust to eliminate Phantom is a dangerous terrorist, who was previously exchanged for Israeli spies. Realizing that after this job his new difficulties, Zohan stages his own death and relocated in the United States. He arrives in New York City and becomes a Hairdresser at the salon, thus realizing his dream.

Zohan is the new business with great enthusiasm, while manifesting greater attention to its clients, and very soon became popular. More women come to Zohan for a haircut and romantic Adventures, and his career is going uphill. But, as is often the case, Zohan plans on peaceful life are under threat. One of New York's taxi drivers will know Zohan and passes the Phantom message that Israeli commando is still alive. What happens when Zohan and Phantom rendezvous?

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