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In a camp Hitler, treacherously attacked on European countries and wanted to extend the power of the Third Reich in many lands, were dissenters. One of them was von Stauffenberg-Colonel, who believed that Adolf Hitler's plans will lead to a catastrophe throughout Germany. Seriously injured, resulting in the battle of the Allied forces, had not changed his views, but, on the contrary, only strengthened von Stauffenberg in its decision to prevent tragedy.

In the year 1943, Hitler went to the meeting held near Smolensk, and then one of the attempts on his life. Shortly thereafter, von Stauffenberg found himself in a number of conspirators who aimed at killing Hitler and Germany's salvation. He insists on carrying out "operation Valkirija", according to which the backup part of the army should mobilize and remove from the leadership of Hitler and his henchmen. As we know now, the operation failed, but why did it happen?

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