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Street Kings

Tom Ludlow is a Los Angeles police officer who during the work itself often not averse to breaking the law. He did not believe Crime mob justice when he does it. I must say, Chief Tom Jack Wonder, Yes and other colleagues Ludlow, perfectly aWare of this, endorse Actions dirty COPA "and, if necessary, ready to cover him and cover up the traces of Crimes, to Ludlow does not fall within the field of view of the internal investigations division.

However, such condoning means nothing when Terrance Washington, a former team-mate Ludlow, denounces him ISI and Captain Biggs, commence an investigation of the Police Department. Learn about the Act of former teammate, Tom decides to call it on straight talk, but late: two gangsters kill Uoshingtona the volume. Colleagues Ludlow fabricating evidence, this time to avoid any suspicion of the guilt of the Volume, but it does not save Ludlow from remorse. He intends to avenge the killers Uoshingtona and goes hunting.

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