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Revolutionary Road

Frank and April Uiler met and immediately felt attracted to each other. They were similar in many ways: equally ambitious and wanting a better life, April and Frank fell in love and decided to marry. Vowing to themselves and each other that do not develop into normal family, an already tormented routine, they planned to live happily and to begin to move to Paris, a city which April always wanted. But seven years after marrying Uiler live in an ordinary suburb of New York City and are the parents of two children.

Their life is exactly what they have always sought to avoid, and in addition to the still existing April and Frank ambition they are no different from others. Routine reached them, and dissatisfAction with April and Frank themselves and each other is growing. Will they be able to come to terms with the life of a normal family life for the sake of it or what ever dreamed of? Perhaps they dream of those that do not come true and pummel the past.

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