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Pineapple Express

Dale Denton young people 25 years of age, who runs a courier. Its task is to deliver the inhabitants of the entire city a subpoena. It just seems that the courier job is simple and easy. Actually Dale is constantly exposed to danger, and to not feel nervous too strongly, he prefers break up straight at work. He chill the most banal way: smoking weed, which buys from Saul, your dealer and friend. Once Saul offers its permanent new client drug-"Pineapple Express," which, if you believe the Sol, apart from any other grass.

Relaxed, Dale sent another summons to Ted Jones, who turns out to be a criminal authority, and Dale makes sure this is very simple-he accidentally witnesses a murder. Rvanuv from the Crime scene, Dale noteworthy murderers and those taking its footprint. And since Dale carelessly dumped on the sidewalk with a unique roll goby "Pineapple Express," Sol has to be unsweetened.

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