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In Bruges

Ray and Ken-hired assassin employed by IRA, who once faced a number of serious problems. During his first job, Ray unintentionally kills a small boy, in response to which a nervous boss guys, a man named Harry, sends him and Ken in the Belgian city of Bruges. As Ray made a gaffe, and Ken recommended it to Harry, they both should hush.

Ray immediately realized that he did not like in Bruges: with Ken gave one to two room around full of historical monuments and streets go crowds that Ray is very annoying. Ken, on the contrary, very liked here, but he has a hard time with Ray. Melancholy by Ray passes quickly when between him and the Assistant Director Lois, whom he met, accidentally caught on set, twisted affair. But "vacation" in Bruges will suit very soon end: it turns out Harry sent back Ken and Ray just so, and not for a specific purpose, and the purpose of this completely change both killers.

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