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Each girl their dignity and dignity Jane Nichols completely unique. She belongs to a fairly rare type of girls who can not just enjoy for girlfriends and maintain them in an incredibly complicated wedding day, but doing it is almost infinitely. To date, unmarried Jane has already been a bridesmaid 27 times, and this means that in her closet-27 hideous bridesmaid dresses and no wedding. And all this is totally not bothered by Jane until her life not witnessed two major changes.

Firstly, her sister, who came from New York, fell in love with Jane's boss, to which she cares about herself. Perky younger sister as should be the case, so that soon it was announced about the upcoming wedding. Secondly, to illuminate this wonderful event will be a cynical young man Kevin Doyle, who chuckles over Jane's attitude toWards marriage. However, when these two get acquainted closer, it turns out that not that much different.

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