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A unified nation State is no longer present, too, a vast country plunged into chaos and, therefore, the United States, too, no longer exists. Instead, Zombieland appeared in the Western Hemisphere, is a country of zombies that have plagued the survivors and brutally massacred with them. How did this happen? No one knows, and it is not important. Home care survivors-how to survive in such a situation, because zombies are tireless, extremely durable for decomposing dead, and arouse their impossible.

The protagonist is the most usual "nerd", which for a long time did not go out of the House, and when it finally happened, the epidemic was in full swing. Developing a set of security rules, the young man went into what turned out to be unexpectedly better than many others began to survive. Faced with a man on his way to receive pleasure from killing zombies, he traveled westWard. Fellow travelers decided not to use the names and started calling each other names, hometowns. So there was a duo of Columbus and Tallahassee, and when they met two sisters-Vichitu and little rock, life suddenly started with new colors.

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